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What is the difference between a powered grommet and a standard grommet?


Purpose: A standard grommet is a simple, typically non-powered opening or hole in a desk or table surface. It is designed to allow the passage of cables and wires through the surface while providing a neat and organized appearance.

Functionality: Standard grommets do not have built-in electrical components. They are mainly used for cable management, preventing cords from dangling off the edge of the desk and creating a cleaner workspace.

Typical Use: Standard grommets are common in office furniture to facilitate the routing of cables for computers, monitors, and other electronic devices.

Purpose: A powered grommet, also known as a power grommet or desktop power outlet, includes electrical outlets and sometimes USB ports integrated into the grommet. It provides a convenient power source directly on the surface of the desk or table.

Functionality: Powered grommets are designed to offer easy access to electrical power for devices like laptops, smartphones, or other electronics. They often come with additional features such as surge protection or data ports.

Typical Use: Powered grommets are commonly used in modern office furniture, conference tables, and workstations where users need accessible power options without the need for floor outlets.

In summary, the primary difference lies in functionality. A standard grommet is primarily for cable management, while a powered grommet includes electrical outlets to provide a convenient power source directly on the work surface. The choice between the two depends on the specific needs of the workspace and the devices that require power access.

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