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What are the types of floor sockets?


1. The pop-up ground socket is opened and inserted with a large splay paddle, making it easy to open. The overall curved panel is very beautiful. The front and rear screws of the upper cover are fixed, making it more secure.

2. Open type ground socket, plug can be inserted together with the plug to cover the upper cover, leaving only the wire opening for the plug wire, facilitating passage and cleaning. Side plug-in products are particularly suitable for installation with strong and weak currents, and can meet the different needs of customers.

3. Spiral ground socket, a truly waterproof ground socket, is the best choice for installing weak current modules. Opening is very convenient. With a horizontal fine adjustment heightening device, the surface copper cover cannot be installed due to the skew or excessive depth of the embedded bottom box.

4. Slide type ground socket, gently press the button, and the upper cover will automatically slide forward and snap open. During use, there is no possibility of foot mixing due to the opening of the upper cover. Eliminate potential accidents. U-series functional components are used, which can be installed with four position three plug multifunction, and can also be installed with six position computer modules. The bottom weak current end can be shielded with a stainless steel cover, which is particularly ideal for strong and weak current installations

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