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Explain in detail the classification of desktop sockets


Desktop socket is a popular socket in recent years, which can be subdivided into embedded desktop socket and lifting socket. "It may be used more in public environments such as offices, but some families will choose this smart outlet.". So what are the categories of these sockets? Let me briefly introduce them below.

1、 Pop-up socket

It is a socket that can be popped up simply by pressing the switch. It is generally a square embedded socket. Commonly used socket function modules can be used internally to meet the needs of daily office work. Most of the products on the market are black, white, and gray, with aluminum alloy as the raw material.

2、 Flip socket

This desktop socket requires manual opening, which may have a longer service life compared to a pop-up socket, regardless of the mechanical characteristics of the pop-up socket. Various types of functional modules can also be configured internally, and there are generally no other special features except for the difference between the opening method and the pop-up type.

3、 Lifting socket

This type of socket is useful for both public and home decoration. There are two types of electric and manual sockets, and there are also differences between long and short sockets in appearance. In terms of socket configuration, there are four sided, three sided, two sided, and single sided desktop sockets, which can be selected based on your preferences and the spatial location of the desktop. Currently, manual desktop sockets can be equipped with a relatively complete range of socket modules, while electric models can only be equipped with basic power requirements, such as some special VGA, HDMI, and other modules, which cannot be installed, in addition to their cool appearance.

4、 Wire box

In some decoration occasions, due to limited budget, it is not necessary to configure expensive sockets. This simple and beautiful cable box is a good choice. Leave all the clutter under the table!

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