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Introduction to Pop up Type Floor Socket


A pop-up type floor socket is a type of electrical outlet or socket that is installed in the floor and can be concealed when not in use. It is designed to provide power and connectivity options in various locations such as offices, conference rooms, public spaces, or residential areas where there is a need for a discreet and easily accessible power source.

The main feature of a pop-up type floor socket is its ability to "pop up" or rise from the floor level when needed and then retract back into the floor when not in use. This allows for a clean and uncluttered appearance when the socket is not being utilized, as it remains flush with the floor surface.

Pop-up floor sockets typically have multiple power outlets and may include additional ports for data, USB, or audio/video connections, depending on the specific model and requirements. They often come with a lid or cover plate that can be opened or closed to protect the sockets and provide a seamless surface when closed.

Overall, pop-up type floor sockets offer a convenient and aesthetically pleasing solution for accessing power and connectivity while maintaining a neat and tidy environment when not in use.

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